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"Thinking Creatively in a Digital Environment"

We are family owned small business local to the Sonoma, Lake, and Mendocino county areas. We have two years of experience in web design and are constantly learning and improving our skills.

Our primary work and focus is the ministry, while picking up web design jobs to help support it. We are not a large corporation, so there is no fancy automatic phone system to go through and you will always get to talk to the same person when you call. You want your presence on the web to represent who you are and what your business is all about and this is what we help you do.

There are just two of us on staff. We combine our skills and work together to bring you the service you expect.

Is the primary web designer. With a keen interest in computer science and graphic design. She has a background in payroll processing and is a lover of arts, crafts and baking. After almost 10 years running a payroll processing business, it was time to get away from the hectic schedule and constant deadlines. It was time do something different. The new direction gives her more time to focus on the family and a more creative career.
Is the photographer and design adviser. With a background in flying and strong artistic skills, he adds an additional perspective to our designs. He is also very accurate, with a close attention to detail and strong writing and editorial skills, making him the perfect partner for proofreading. He makes sure our work is accurate.

Check out the services we offer and take a look at our portfolio, then contact us for quote. We look forward to serving you.

Rick and Virginia Markwell